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Our Core Beers

Copper_whiteThe Village Copper 4.2%

A well balanced copper coloured bitter with a subtle hint of ginger!

Our Village Copper is brewed with all English hops and is one of our best selling beers brilliant if you’re looking for something slightly away from the normal bitter due to the addition of the ginger.


Lite_whiteThe Village Lite 4%

A hybrid Lager / Pale ale.

The use of 50% Lager Malt and 50% Ale Malt  creates a stunningly light session ale hopped with an American flavour hop which provides a beautifully light citrus aftertaste. All round a refreshing light beer in taste and colour.

Bike_whiteThe Village Bike 4%                                        BEST SELLER

A Traditional English Style bitter.

The Village bike is all English Hops a light bitter taste and stunning golden colour. A great beer to drink on a good night out. Many of our customers get in touch to tell us they had a brilliant night on The Village Bike.

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